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This is the gig of my life, I was a little boy, knew the song right.
I think it's okay but it's not.
Angica she sees a boy into my life
I was only victim of, victim of time.
Angica believes a boy has been here before.
Sunset my days, I spent my days under the bed.
So did my sisters, brothers, uncles, cousins everybody 's under the bed.
I spent my days intact, and packed so sick, so sick along the way
We were sixteen in the whole pack, and I was sixteen by the way
They told me a lot 'bout the light but they didn't tell me 'bout flames
And if you see the ocean, just tell him I'm okay
Interprète(s) : SHARKO ; ©
2001 by PEERMUSIC FRANCE All Rights Reserved SHARKO - MEEUWS 2
Code ISWC : T-900.680.791.6
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